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Midvale Elementary Health Fair


How about that!  Iggy was used to teach kids about asthma at an elementary school!  I'm preparing to leave frigid Wisconsin to head to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Annual Meeting in sunny San Diego tomorrow, where my wife (also an allergist) will be presenting a poster of her asthma research!  Before we leave, I wanted to share with you the use of Iggy and the Inhalers at the Midvale Elementary School Health Fair! Operation Airways (an organization  of the Wisconsin Society of Pharmacy Students), reached out to us to use Iggy and the Inhalers for some educational activities at the Health Fair at Midvale Elementary.  For the past few years, they have used the Iggy comic book in educational activities with kids, but this year they did a lot more with the characters!

At the Health Fair, Operation Airways gave gave over 30 ten minute presentations to individual classes from K thru 2nd grade.   They started off the  interactive presentation by talking about the lungs and asthma, and transitioned to an introduction to the characters of Iggy and the Inhalers.  They ended the educational session by having kids knock down the stand-up boards of the allergen villains of Team Trigger with bean bags containing an image of Iggy and Broncho.   The kids REALLY enjoyed this part and it allowed an opportunity to talk about rescue inhalers.

Here are some pictures of the event!











Beanbag toss!! What a great way to teach kids about asthma and make it fun!  A big thanks to Randy Braun (co-chair of Operation Airways) and all the pharmacy students who did a great job at the Health Fair!

And with that, my wife and I are off to the AAAAI conference!  We'll also be bringing another friend to San Diego with us....