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Hello everybody!

    Gary and I wanted to share with you the latest project we've been working on.... a PAAAAIN COMIC!  Back in January, Gary and I headed to Milwaukee to meet with Amy Drendel, DO, MS, an Associate Professor of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.  Dr. Drendel talked to us about the growing evidence that in children treated in the ED with painful conditions, pain management at home was inadequate.  In some of her qualitative research, she found that communication about pain management was a major barrier to optimizing the home pain experience for kids.  Basically, kids often will under-report their pain and not ask for pain medication from their parents when they should.  This leads to kids suffering through pain unnecessarily!  Dr. Drendel wanted to have an educational intervention for kids in the ED that teaches them three lessons that they can take home with them when they are discharged- 1) Kids with injuries often have pain when they go home. 2) Talk to your parents if anything hurts you. 3) Pain medication can make you feel better. 

So with that, we got to work on making a comic handout that could teach children these important lessons!


photo 2

photo 7

photo 6

photo 11

photo 18


So that's where we're at so far.   We'll update you on the progress as we continue to make further adjustments and edits as we work towards our final draft!

till next time!