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ROMP: Let's make some comics!


Gary and I have been hard at work in the past two weeks since we parted ways after our whiteboard video shoot!  While Gary has been putting together all the footage we shot into 4 videos, I've been making the next drafts of the 4 companion comics.  The idea is for the comics to help reinforce and solidify the concepts introduced in the videos in 4 succinct 1 page comics.  Trying to get all this information to fit in a one page comic that is still dynamic and visually appealing has been a challenge, but a really fun one! Here's a quick look into the process!







photo 1


2014-02-01 13.18.05

...And after a few weeks of hard work, the latest version of the comics were done!

2014-02-05 00.21.55

photo (28)

And there you have it!  Comics!!

Thanks for taking a look!