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A new Iggy and the Inhalers website!! With free comic and video preview!


Hi everyone! We'll be in Brighton for the Comics and Medicine conference  in just a few days, but before we left- we wanted to share with you our new website!

Since Gary and I have made the Iggy comic book and video, lots of people have been wondering how to see the video or download the comic themselves.  Well, search no more!  We have a simple website where you can both download EPISODE ONE of the "Iggy and the Inhalers" comic as well as watch the first lesson of our video on youtube!  The comic can be printed and folded to look like an honest-to-god comicbook as well.  (This last part has been the most exciting for me personally...)

Healthcare providers, feel free to print the comic and use it as a teaching tool with patients.  We will be using the full version of the comic and video for educational research at UW this year, but stay tuned for further downloadable episodes in the future!

we hope you like em!!