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Madison Asthma Camp 2013


As Gary and I are busy preparing for the Graphic Medicine Conference in Brighton, England- I wanted to share some photos from Madison Asthma Camp last week!  It was the first time we got to show our "Iggy and the Inhalers" video to kids!  Asthma camp was bigger than usual years, I think we had over 50 kids.  The Iggy comics and video were only a small portion of the day.  The kids also spent the day doing many activities including looking at pollens and mold spores in the lab under a microscope, learning about lung physiology with hands-on models, learning about diet and exercise as well as having lung function testing performed! We distributed our comics and trading cards to the kids to read over lunch.

I also ran into Emily, who was the star of the live action portion of our video!! I was really excited to see what she thought of the video!


Then we showed full video to all the kids.


Afterwards, we broke up into small groups to talk to the kids about how they manage their own asthma.


It was a great day! Overall, I think the kids really liked the video.  We did some informal pre and post knowledge testing, and got some really promising results.  But most importantly, the kids laughed at the parts that Gary and I thought were the funniest. AND THAT WAS CRUCIAL.


That's it!  Stay tuned for Gary and my adventures in the UK!!