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Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates recently, but Gary and I have been busy working on many exciting things that we'll be sharing you all in 2014!  And first on the list are NEW AWESOME WEBSITES.

First off, as you may notice, things are different, new and exciting here at!  So take a look around!  We have a new about section has snazzy new cartoon portraits of us and a little more background about how Gary and I started working together!  We also have some examples of the different kind of work we've created separated by comics, animation, illustration and writing.  Most importantly, this will be a great platform for us to share all the other things we've been working on since Iggy and the Inhalers!


Speaking of which, we also have a brand-spanking new Iggy and the Inhalers website up and running!  We're planning lots of exciting things for Iggy and the gang in 2014 and this will be the place we'll be sharing it all!  So take a look at the site and take a tour! You can take a peak at our comics, videos and trading cards!  You can also learn more about the how I created Iggy when i was a kid (and see some terrifying early drawings)!  You can also learn about our research and the theories behind why comics are a great educational tool! We also have a list of our presentations, where you can see some of our slides and watch some of our previous talks.   You can also sign up for our newsletter to stay the most up to date with all things Booster Shot!  And coming soon in 2014, you can check out the Iggy Store where you can buy comics, cards, videos, and many other exciting products for you, your kids, and/or your patients!

Whew!  I hope that's enough to keep you busy!  Gary and I are currently busy with a very exciting project that we hope to share with you soon!  Stay tuned to the blog here for updates!

Thanks again for stopping by, and here's to an exciting 2014!!!

Your pals,

Alex (and Gary)