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ROMP Whiteboard video shoot: The end of an intense and awesome week!


We've completed PHASE 1 of our Whiteboard Video shoot!  It was a long, tough week, but when it was all over, we marveled at how much we'd accomplished!  Amazingly, we stayed right on schedule too!


After we were done filming on the last day, we decided to take a photo to commemorate the moment.


After our fantastic work-week together, Gary and I will part ways for a bit.  The only downside of the intense week was that I think I ended up giving myself the flu!  (Well, it's either those long hours at the drawing board or one of the patients I saw in clinic on Thursday.)  Regardless, we now begin PHASE 2 as Gary returns to L.A. and begins the long process of editing together what we filmed, adjusting the timing, adding the voice-over track and adding awesome motion graphic effects.  Meanwhile, (after I pop some ibuprofen and wait for the fever to break!) I'll get to work on making the next set of drafts of the comic adaptations of each of the 4 videos we made.  I'll be updating the blog on my progress on that next week as well!

On to PHASE 2, baby! Stay tuuuuned!