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ROMP Whiteboard video shoot: DAY TWO

Well, here at Booster Shot Comics, we've clocked in another 14 hour day of non-stop drawing and filming.  I'd say the second hardest thing about drawing these whiteboard videos (the first being having to draw from the side which naturally skews everything you do) is the way you have to manipulate your drawing hand as not to smear the rest of the picture.   I find myself contorting my hand in strange ways to both keep it steady, and also not smudge the drawing.  In addition to carpal tunnel syndrome, I think I'm on my way to give myself a case of the "claw hand" before this week is over.  It's a been a real challenge for both of us, but suuuper rewarding.  I should say that Gary's true challenge lies ahead when he has to edit together hours and hours of footage into several short, dynamic, partially animated videos.  Whew!  Glad that's not me! Our day started off by a trip to Office Depot in subzero temperature to restock on whiteboard supplies.


When we went to checkout, the woman behind the counter asked if we were teachers.  Gary said, "NOPE, WE'RE JUST CRAZY ABOUT WHITEBOARDS."  She was not amused and seemed terrified.  And with that, our day of whiteboard drawing/filming began.  Day Two consisted of some of are most complex sequences, so we front-loaded all the hardest stuff in the morning while our minds (and hand) were the freshest.

Our randomization sequence was one of the toughest.  But I'm super happy with how it eventually turned out-

photo 1 copy 3


Another dooozy of a sequence was drawing something like 40 different people standing in a grid.  I kept asking Gary if I could draw Waldo (from Where's Waldo) just to freak everybody out, but he said, "No."

photo 4 copy


As you can tell, we are also totally obsessed with this new medication called A.  It's just the greatest.

photo 3 copy


Alright.  We'll we're on to DAY THREE today, and it's gonna be a big one.  We're hoping to complete filming by the end of the day (or night).  Then tomorrow (while I'm working at an outreach clinic), Gary's going to go through all the footage and determine if there is anything that needs to be reshot.  We'll then have a few days for reshoots before Gary flies back to LA.  Yowza!