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Asthma Awareness Month!

That's right, HAPPY ASTHMA AWARENESS MONTH!!!  This is a great time to learn about asthma, how your medications work, asthma triggers and how to achieve optimum control.  The goal of optimal asthma control is to participate in all your daily activities WITHOUT any limitations. We should take time this month to make those goals possible!


So we at Booster Shot Comics have a VERY exciting month in store for you!  First off, to help celebrate Asthma Awareness Month, we'll be releasing a new Iggy drawing EVERY DAY for the month of May.  Each drawing will be a little bite-sized nugget of asthma information to chew on as you scroll through your twitter or facebook feed.  Here's the first one!  Stay tuned to our twitter and facebook for DAILY UPDATED IGGY DRAWINGS ALL MONTH!


Today, we're releasing Episode 4 (How to use an Inhaler) of "Iggy and the Inhalers" on youtube!  Later this month we'll release the final installment- Episode 5 (Triggers).  That's right!  For the first time, the ENTIRE Iggy and the Inhalers video will be streaming free on youtube this month!  Asthma Awareness Month, baby!

Another big announcement this month is that TODAY WE'RE OPENING OUR ONLINE STORE! Check out the excellent products (like comics, DVDs, trading cards, stickers and posters) we have all ready for pre-order!  We also are starting things off with an excellent deal for a STARTER PACK to get 10 sets of the ENTIRE educational program!  Check out our store here-


We're printing an ALL NEW set of trading cards as well- check them out!
We also are printing a FULL COLOR Iggy and the Inhalers comic book!
Gary and I were also interviewed for two different publications that will be released this month as well. Gary was interviewed for Healthcare Education Association's Monthly E-Newsletter!   I was interviewed by Contemporary Pediatrics Magazine for their May issue all about asthma! We'll post both of the pieces here when they are published!  It was great to discuss our ideas on ways to innovate the way we engage patients in health education and can't wait to share it all with a bigger audience!
We have a few exciting things for us on the horizon as well!  I'm currently making a set of educational POSTERS that we'll be trying out as a new teaching tool at the Madison Asthma Camp in June!  The end of June will also be exciting because Gary and I will be giving TWO presentations at the Comics and Medicine Conference in Baltimore!  We'll be sharing with the conference a few of the projects we've been super excited about (including Iggy!).
Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 11.40.44 PM
..... AND looking a little further ahead- this November, Booster Shot Comics will have OUR OWN BOOTH at the 2014 American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Annual Scientific Meeting in Atlanta!  We're really looking forward to the opportunity to interact with so many asthma and allergy specialists from around the world! It will be a really amazing experience.
Well that's a small look into the months ahead.  We're really excited for all the new adventures ahead for us.  Here's to a HAPPY ASTHMA AWARENESS MONTH!  Stay tuned!!