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Iggy and The Inhalers


Iggy and the Inhalers is an educational program for the pediatric asthma population in the form of comics, trading cards, and an animated educational video. Update: You can watch Episode #1 and download Issue #1 at!

In the comics, asthma medications take the form of superheroes, while allergens take the form as monstrous villains. Each issue will function individually as well continuing an ongoing narrative with subsequent issues, encouraging patients to collect the complete series.

Iggy Sample Page

The trading cards will outline the strengths and weaknesses of medications and allergens. By anthropomorphizing medications and allergens, we aim for the patients to have a more intimate connection to them, thus a better intuitive understanding of their illness, and encouraging kids to take ownership of the management of their illness.

The animation will be played in clinical settings for newly diagnosed patients. The objective is to educate patients in a fun way and also reduce the educational burden of clinicians.