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Comics and Medicine Conference- day 1!


Gary and I made it to Toronto and attended the opening reception of the Comics and Medicine Conference. The organizers had samples of many of the participants' work featured on the wall and we all walked through them gallery-style. It was fascinating to see the incredibly varied applications of comic art in medicine.

The reception was pretty packed!


There's our baby... hanging on the wall.

And many other amazing pieces too!

We met some great people- including a group from Mayo using comics to help make the complexities of both HIPAA and informed consent forms more palatable and understandable to patients.  We also met Dr. Julia diLiberti, a Professor of Humanities at the College of DuPage who is presenting a talk about comics in AIDS education.

After the cocktail hour, we watched a screening of The Paper Mirror, a documentary film about artist Riva Lehrer's process as she made a collaborative portrait of cartoonist Alison Bechdel.

Ms. Lehrer was in attendance and stuck around for a question an answer session moderated by MK Czerwiec, one of the program organizers.

During the Q and A, I noticed the guy in front of me was sketching a picture of Riva Lehrer....

The only conference where doodling may actually be encouraged... I think I've found my mother ship.

Anyway, Gary and I give our talk about "Iggy and the Inhalers" tomorrow.  We're a little nervous, but more than anything, excited to finally share our project with the rest of the world!  We'll definitely be posting and tweeting up a storm in the next few days.  So stay tuned to this website,, and!