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Comics and Medicine Conference 2013- The superfuntimes!


Okay, okay.... we're gonna eventually stop making posts about last week's amazing Comics and Medicine Conference.  Gary and I were so impressed and inspired by people from many varied disciplines to the kindred spirits who amazed us.  But another great part of this trip was making new friends and reconnecting with the pals we made last year at the Comics and Medicine Conference in Toronto.  Brighton was also a wonderful place.  So, if you'll indulge us- allow me to run through the highlights of the funtimes! (WARNING: the following post has 0% educational value but 100% "hey come check out our travel photos" value)

First off, our hotel was right on the sea.  And the view from our room was BEAUTIFUL.

But then, we realized that this room only had one big bed.  After a quick huddle as the bellman impatiently stared at us, we decided it would be best if Booster Shot Comics slept in separate beds.

After the first night's opening reception, Gary and I ran into Rachel Abrams and Andrew Godfrey and decided to start things off with the THE BRIGHTONIEST ACTIVITY OF ALL TIME-

We proceeded on with other activities on the Brighton Pier over the following days as well....

We also spent some time walking through the winding lanes of Brighton

And we ate at some great restaurants!

We also found a wonderful establishment near the Pier called Dr. Brighton's to have a beer (or two) after dinner.

It seemed destined to be our watering hole for the trip.

Those of you who have been to the conference the past two years are very familiar with Rachel Abrams' wonderful live scribing. For those unfamiliar, when a speaker gives a presentation, Rachel will "scribe" the event in real time, translating the words being spoken into a dynamic visual representation on a giant pad of paper with inks and marker.  She does this up front for the entire audience to watch.... and it's MESMERIZING.  It's quite an amazing thing, and really does aid in absorbing the information of the presentation.  Afterwards, you can look back at Rachel's completed work and easily remember the talk.

So this year, in addition to scribing- Rachel was also presenting a paper at the conference of her new project, Pins and Needles.  Since she wouldn't be able to scribe her own talk, Rachel TOTALLY ASKED ME to do it.  I was a combination of terrified and super excited.  Scribe for the scribe?!  It's like cutting into the noggin of a Neurosurgeon.  It also seemed like a really fun challenge, so I gave it a try!

Holy cow, that was way harder than I expected.  Her talk was about 20 minutes, full of great ideas and images- so it was a race against time to draw one thing before I missed the next thing.  It was also really tough to work that fast and to fill the page in a balanced manner.  Holy Moley.  I pretty much sweat through my clothes.  So, while it was fun to have a go, I'm happy to leave the scribing to experts like Rachel!

Speaking of which, on our final morning in London, Rachel had us meet her at a GREAT restaurant for brunch.  The 2 choices were English Breakfast or Salmon.

Anyway- it was a great location to have the conference.  We had a ball! Hope you enjoyed the photos!