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Comics and Medicine 2013 Conference Sketches


Well, Gary and I finally made it back to our homes (LA for him, Wisconsin for me) and man, what a great few days it was.  We'll probably have another post up in a few days with some more thoughts regarding some of the amazing work we saw at this years conference.  But before then, I thought I would share some of the sketches I drew while attending sessions at the conference! Oh, and speaking of sketches- if anyone reading this was one of the bold numbers who attended our "How to Make Health Education Comics" Workshop- if you have comics you'd like to share, please send a link or scan to us at and we'll put up a post showcasing everyone's great work!







After leaving Brighton, Gary and I had just about 24 hours to soak in as much of London as we could (a ridiculous task).  Thankfully, Rachel Abrams helped us devise a plan that made the most of our short time!


Here are some of the sketches I drew as Gary and I wandered around like the rugged tourists we were...

There ya go!  We'll have another post or two up shortly as Gary and I collect our thoughts from this years great Comics and Medicine conference.

Thanks for reading!