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Asthma Month - Halfway Report!

We're halfway through Asthma Awareness Month! Thanks to everyone who is following #iggyaday drawings on twitter @boostershotcmx. And special HUGE thank you to those of you who have reached out to ask about using our Iggy materials at your hospitals and clinics. Please feel free to use this Iggy and the Inhalers Video Playlist with your patients or embed the YouTube videos on your asthma education websites.

Alex has been hard at work all month drawing new asthma comics every day for Asthma Awareness Month! Yes, it's as hard as it sounds. Check out the gallery below...

The drawings are also helping us make plans for the top secret Iggy and The Inhalers app we are starting to develop...shhhhhhhhh!!!!!! But in the meantime, I'm happy to announce the release of episode five of Iggy and The Inhalers - Triggers!

[youtube id="oC2W1sd565M" align="center"]

Also the DVDs are printed and the trading cards, comics, stickers, and posters will be following quickly behind. Stay tuned for more updates!